Alan Ayckbourn



Sir Alan Ayckbourn, CBE (nacido el 22 de abril de 1929) es un popular y prolífico dramaturgo inglés.Obras * 1959:The Square Cat (withdrawn) * 1959:Love After All (withdrawn) * 1960:Dad's Tale (withdrawn) * 1961:Standing Room Only (withdrawn) * 1962:Christmas V Mastermind (withdrawn) * 1963.Mr Whatnot * 1965:Relatively Speaking (originally titled Meet My Father) * 1967:The Sparrow (withdrawn) * 1969:How The Other Half Loves * 1970:Family Circles (originally titled The Story So Far…, retitled Me Times Me Times Me, then Me Times Me) * 1971:Time And Time Again * 1972:Absurd Person Singular * 1973:Table Manners (originally titled Fancy Meeting You) (with Living Together and Round and Round the Garden, forms The Norman Conquests trilogy) * 1973:Living Together (originally titled Make Yourself At Home) (Norman Conquests) * 1973:Round and Round the Garden (Norman Conquests) * 1974:Absent Friends * 1974:Confusions * 1975 :Jeeves (musical) (musical collaboration with Andrew Lloyd-Webber, re-written 1996 as By Jeeves) * 1975:Bedroom Farce * 1976:Just Between Ourselves * 1977:Ten Times Table * 1978:Joking Apart * 1979:Sisterly Feelings * 1979:Taking Steps * 1980:Suburban Strains * 1980:Season's Greetings * 1981:Way Upstream * 1981:Making Tracks * 1982:Intimate Exchanges (a play in four scenes with sixteen possible variations depending on choices made by the characters). Turned into a movie in 1993 by director Alain Resnais (Smoking/No Smoking), featuring Pierre Arditi and Sabine Azéma. * 1983:It Could Be Any One Of Us * 1984:A Chorus Of Disapproval * 1985:Woman in Mind * 1987:A Small Family Business * 1987:Henceforward… * 1988:Man Of The Moment * 1988:Mr A's Amazing Maze Plays * 1989:The Revengers' Comedies * 1989:Invisible Friends * 1990:Body Language * 1990:This Is Where We Came In * 1990:Callisto 5 (re-written in 1999 as Callisto#7) * 1991:Wildest Dreams * 1991:My Very Own Story * 1992:Time Of My Life * 1992:Dreams From A Summer House * 1994:Communicating Doors * 1994:Haunting Julia * 1994:The Musical Jigsaw Play * 1995:A Word From Our Sponsor * 1996:The Champion Of Paribanou * 1997:Things We Do For Love * 1998:Comic Potential * 1998:The Boy Who Fell Into A Book * 1999:House (House and Garden form a diptych, to be performed simultaneously. They were published together as House & Garden) * 1999:Garden * 2000:Virtual Reality * 2000:Whenever * 2001:Gameplan (Damsels In Distress) * 2001:Flatspin (Damsels In Distress) * 2001:RolePlay (Damsels In Distress) * 2002:Snake In The Grass * 2002:The Jollies * 2003:Sugar Daddies * 2003:Orvin – Champion Of Champions * 2003:My Sister Sadie * 2004:Drowning on Dry Land * 2004:Private Fears in Public Places – re-staged by Ayckbourn in an extended version for the Orange Tree Theatre in May 2005, and turned into a movie (Coeurs) by Alain Resnais in 2006, featuring Pierre Arditi, Sabine Azéma, Laura Morante, Isabelle Carré et Lambert Wilson * 2004:Miss Yesterday * 2005:Improbable Fiction * 2006:If I Were You