Amy Papa



2009 – 2010EnsembleMusical Annie Get Your GunThe Young Vic, London2008SoloistTheatre Thursford Christmas Spectacular2007 – 2008HelgaTheatre Cabaret2007QueenieTheatre The Wild Party2007SoloistTheatre A Little Sondheim On The Side2007DinahTheatre Brighton Beach Scumbags2006 – 2007EnsembleTheatre Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs2006 SoloistTheatre TACT Gala Concert2006 Angela/CharlotteTheatre Elegies For Angels, Punks And Raging Queens2005 SoloistCorporate The Rock And Roll Ball Of The Year2005 EnsembleTheatre Royal Charity Gala2005 MaureenTheatre Maggie May2003EnsembleTheatre Spiderdance2002EnsembleTheatre The Late Sleepers