Elizabeth Allen



ActrizFilms: 1955 Born for Trouble 1960 From the Terrace as Sage Remmington 1963 Donovan's Reef as Ameilia Sarah Dedham. She developed a bond with John Ford, who directed that film and he later cast her a beautiful (and comic) saloon lady, Guinevieve Plantagenet in Cheyenne Autumn. 1963 Diamond Head as Laura Beckett 1964 Cheyenne Autumn as Guinevere Plantagenet 1971 Star Spangled Girl as Mrs. MacKaninee, the landlady 1972 The Carey Treatment as Evelyn Randall 1979 No Other LoveObras: 1957 Romanoff and Juliet 1962 The Gay Life 1965 Do I Hear a Waltz? 1967 Sherry! 1983 42nd Street(Foto,Ref:Photofest-1965-www.nytimes.com)