A Fine & Private Place (2004)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Temas del Musical:1. Prelude (Orchestra Henry Aronson, Ray Kilday, James Musto)2. Prologue (Gabriel Barre, Charles Goff)3. I&*146;m Not Going Gently (Brian Sutherland)4. Scene: "The Rules of Death" (Brian Sutherland, Charles Goff, Gabriel Barre)5. Much More Alive (Charles Goff, Brian Sutherland, Gabriel Barre)6. You Know What I Mean (Evalyn Baron, Charles Goff)7. A Fine & Private Place (Brian Sutherland, Maureen Silliman)8. As Long As I Can( Brian Sutherland, Maureen Silliman)9. Scene: "Close Call" (Gabriel Barre, Charles Goff)10. Stop Kidding Yourself (Charles Goff, Evalyn Baron)11. The Telepathetique (Brian Sutherland, Maureen Silliman)12. What Did You Expect?/Let Me Explain (Maureen Silliman, Brian Sutherland)13. It&*146;s None of My Business (Evalyn Baron, Charles Goff)14. Quartet (Brian Sutherland, Maureen Silliman, Charles Goff, Evalyn Baron)15. Prelude (Orchestra)16. What Should I Do? (Evalyn Baron, Maureen Silliman, Charles Goff, Brian Sutherland)17. Close Your Eyes (Maureen Silliman)18. Argument (Charles Goff, Evalyn Baron)19. Scene: "I Talk To Ghosts" (Charles Goff, Brian Sutherland, Maureen Silliman, Evalyn Baron)20. No One Ever Knows (Charles Goff, Evalyn Baron)21. Because Of Them All (Brian Sutherland, Maureen Silliman)22. Do Something (Maureen Silliman, Charles Goff, Brian Sutherland, Gabriel Barre)23. How Can I Leave Here? (Gabriel Barre, Charles Goff)24. Epilogue/Finale (Evalyn Baron, Charles Goff, Gabriel Barre)