A… My Name Will Always Be Alice (1996)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Temas Musicales editados en el Cd de la obra 01. All Girl Band Original Cast 02. A…my Name Is Alice Poems Heather Mac Rae / Barbara Walsh 03. At My Age Original Cast 04. Trash Cheryl Howard 05. Sensitive New Age Guys Marguerite Macintyre 06. Welcome to Kindergarden, Mrs. Johnson Heather Mac Rae / Barbara Walsh 07. Watching All the Pretty Young Men Barbara Walsh / Marguerite Macintyre / Gwen Stewart 08. The Portrait Barbara Walsh 09. Im Bluer Than You Gwen Stewart / Cheryl Howard / Barbara Walsh 10. Painted Ladies Scene Heather Mac Rae / Barbara Walsh 11. Painted Ladies Original Cast 12. Wheels Heather Mac Rae 13. The French Monologue Barbara Walsh 14. The French Song Barbara Walsh 15. Once and Only Thing Cheryl Howard 16. Honeypot Marguerite Macintyre / Gwen Stewart 17. Friends / Lifelines Heather Mac Rae / Barbara Walsh / Gwen Stewart