Barry Humphries Presents (2003)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Tracks: CD One: Dame Edna Live in Melbourne 1. You, you, you 2. Edna from the Block 3. Edna discusses Aspects of Perception 4. Edna the Therapist 5. The Dysfunctional Daughter 6. Ednas Reality Film Auditions 7. Gladdy Time CD Two: Les is More (Sir Les Patterson) 1. Tuna town (from LES PATTERSON RAMPANT AT WHITEHALL) 2. Hard act to follow (from LES PATTERSON RAMPANT AT WHITEHALL) 3. Pissing in the wind 4. Looking good 5. The smell of cheese 6. Give her one for Christmas 7. Chardonnay (from LES PATTERSON RAMPANT AT WHITEHALL) 8. Never trust a man (who doesnt drink) 9. Motel mini-bar 10. Thirteen thousand miles 11. The Chunder Song 12. Foreign Parts (from BACK TO MY ROOTS…) 13. Poofters in the arts (from BACK TO MY ROOTS…) CD Three: The Saga of Sandy Stone 1. Sandy soldiers on (from ISNT IT PATHETIC AT HIS AGE) 2. Shades of Sandy (from AN EVENINGS INTERCOURSE) 3. Crying in the wilderness (from BACK TO MY ROOTS…)