Blackbeard (2007)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Tracks: 1. Blackbeard (Charisma Miller, Ensemble) 2. To Be Remembered (Tyler Maxson) 3. Bad Boys (Ensemble) 4. Then All is Fine (Elisabeth Coleman, Linsey Maxson) 5. The Look Makes the Man (Tyler Maxson) 6. The Blockade (Mark Kleinman, Ensemble) 7. Stay With Me (Linsey Maxson) 8. Bonnet s Tale (Jere Van Patten) 9. Here in My Arms (Elisabeth Coleman, Jordan Bluth) 10. The Separation (Tyler Maxson, Jordan Bluth, Elisabeth Coleman) 11. Take Me Instead (Jordan Bluth) 12. If You Want To Be a Pirate (Jere Van Patten, Ensemble) 13. The Man I Love (Linsey Maxson) 14. When This is Finished (Company) 15. The Final Battle (Ensemble) 16. Blackbeard (reprise) (Company)