Broadway Scandals of 1928 (1982)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Shows/Hide Tracks:1. Scandals! Opening: Scandals!/Lets Go Boating/Picturing Me With You/Tag: Scandals – Jo Anna Rush The Lehmann Sisters/Diane J. Findlay/Kim Criswell/Phoebe McBride2. Nobody Needs A Man As Bad As That! – Diane J. Findlay3. Charleston Under The Moon – Kim Criswell4. Livin On Dreams – Kim Criswell5. Nobody Loves Me Now – Walter Willison6. Bubbles In The Bathtub – Jo Anna Rush7. I Gotta Hear A Song – Kim Criswell/Walter Willison8. A Good Ol Mammy Song – Walter Willison9. Things Have Never Been Better! – Walter Willison10. The Man At The Piano – Kim Criswell11. I Couldnt Say – Walter Willison12. Tango – Jo Anna Rush13. Give A Girl A Break! – Kim Criswell/Jo Anna Rush The Lehmann Sisters14. Better Bein Loved – Diane J. Findlay15. Mazie – Walter Willison16. Scandals! Finale – Diane J. Findlay/Douglas Holmes/Phoebe McBride/Jo Anna Rush The Lehmann Sisters/Walter Willison17. Encore: The Front Page – Walter Willison18. Encore: When You Come To The End Of Your Rainbow – Walter Willison