Cabin in the Sky (1940)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Tracks: 1. Cabin In the Sky: Overture – Max Meth And The Martin Beck Theatre Orchestra2. Cabin In the Sky: Takin A Chance On Love – Ethel Waters3. Cabin In the Sky: Honey In The Honeycomb – Ethel Waters4. Cabin In the Sky: Cabin In The Sky – Ethel Waters5. Cabin In the Sky: Love Turned The Light Out – Ethel Waters6. Porgy And Bess: Medley – Cy Walter7. Porgy And Bess: Summertime – Mabel Mercer8. Porgy And Bess: My Mans Gone Now – Mabel Mercer9. Porgy And Bess: I Got Plenty Of Nuttin – Todd Duncan10. Porgy And Bess: I Loves You, Porgy – Mabel Mercer11. Porgy And Bess: Porgys Lament – Todd Duncan12. Carib Song: Basket, Make A Basket – Baldwin Bergersen/William Archibald13. Carib Song: Woman Is A Rascal – Baldwin Bergersen/William Archibald14. Carib Song: Sleep Baby, Dont Cry – Baldwin Bergersen/William Archibald15. Carib Song: If – Baldwin Bergersen/William Archibald16. Carib Song: The Insect Song – Baldwin Bergersen/William Archibald17. Carib Song: Go Down To The River (Washer Woman Song) – Baldwin Bergersen/William Archibald