Catch Me if I Fall (1990)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Tracks: 1. Overture2. Catch Me If If Fall (Opening)3. Business Is an Art – Laura Dean, 4. Beach House, Pt. 1 – Laura Dean, Sal Viviano5. Veterinarian6. Love That Came Before – Jeanine Morick7. Sometimes at Night – Laura Dean8. Beach House [Trio] – Laura Dean, , Sal Viviano9. Peters Dilemma/Its Not a Real Wedding – David Burdick, Laura Dean, , , Sal Viviano10. I Know the Feeling/Im Changing/Home Never Leaves You – Laura Dean, 11. When You Live in New York – Laura Dean12. Timing and Lighting [Preprise] – Laura Dean, 13. Libertate/Home Never Leaves You (Reprise) – A.D. Cover, Laura Dean14. Isnt It Strange That We Can Love Again? – Laura Dean15. True/Timing and Lighting – Laura Dean, 16. Catch Me If I Fall17. Chaperone – Laura Dean, , Jeanine Morick18. Never or Now19. Veterinarian (Reprise)20. Isnt It Strange That We Can Love Again? (Reprise) – Laura Dean,