Dead Man Walking (2000)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Tracks: CD 1 1. Prelude 2. Prologue 3. Act one, scene 1: Hope House He will gather us around 4. Scene 2: The drive to Angola State Prison Be carefull, people have always told me 5. This journey. This journey to Christ 6. Scene 3: Outside of Angola State Penitentiary Sister Helen, Ive been waiting for you 7. Scene 4: Father Grenvilles office Some of them didnt look so bad 8. I dont like that man 9. Scene 5: The walk through Death Row Woman on the tier! 10. Scene 6: The Death Row visiting room Thank you 11. A warm night 12. Scene 7: The Pardon Board hearing the defendants Mother, Mrs Patrick De Rocher 13. Scene 8: The parking lot outside the courthouse Its a good sign when they take so long 14. You dont know what its like to bear a child 15. It is the decision of this Pardon Board 16. Scene 9: The Death Row visiting room Guess you nun aint comin back/Scene 10 Excuse me 17. He will gather us around CD 2 1. Act 2, prelude 2. Scene 1: Josephs cell 31… 32… 33 3. Scene 2: Sisten Helens bedroom Oh! Now and at the hour of our death. Amen 4. Sometimes forgiveness is/Scene 3: Josephs cell Well, well 5. What time is it 6. Scene 4: The visiting room Wow! Those new Ford Mustangs are so cool 7. Dont say a word 8. Who will walk with me 9. Scene 5: Outside the Death House Good evening 10. Ive said some harsh things 11. Scene 6: Josephs holding cell Youre a regular illustrated man, De Rocher 12. Scene 7: The confession How much longer. How much more time 13. Wed been drinkin and smokin weed at the road house 14. Scene 8: The execution Dead man walking! 15. He will gather us around 16. Applause