Die Fledermaus (1965)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

GRABACION: (actualmente) en 2 CD.

Tracks:Disc: 11. Overture2. Its The Talk Of The Town…Ill Be At The Ball Tonight3. Then I Must Leave…Ah, Woe Is Me4. Drain A Draught Of Wine With Me5. What A Feast6. I Always Feel Beholden (Chacun A Son Gout!)7. My Dear Marquis (Laughing Song)8. What A Tonic, What A Beauty (Watch Duet)9. Brother Mine, Brother Mine And Sister Mine10. Romantic And Secluded11. The Clink Of Champagne GlassesDisc: 21. Overture2. Since I Was Left An Orhan Lad3. A Suitor For The Bride…A Suitor For My Hand4. Theres No One In The World (Gypsy Song)5. Here In This Dear Land6. The Trace Of Dawn7. I Dreamed I Wondered By The River8. Who Made Us One?9. Come And Join The Gay Hussars!10. For Gay Times At Night11. We Raise Our Voice And Rejoice12. Tritsch-Tratsch Polka, Op. 214