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Oh, Brother!

Ohio Light Opera Cast

Listen to Sound Clips on Amazon.comFormat: 2-CD Label: Newport Classic 85615/2 Barcode: 032466561528 Buy from: Tracks: DISC 11. Eileen: Act One: Ov – Michael Butterman/Ohio Light Opr Orch2. Eileen: Act One: Opening Look Alive – Alan Payne/Caroline Taylor/Christopher Norton/Robert Daniel Goulet3. Eileen: Act One: Chor Free Trade – Alan Payne/Chor4. Eileen: Act One: Dialogue Free Trade – Caroline Taylor/Christopher Norton/Alan Payne/Robert Daniel Goulet5. Eileen: Act One: Air Blarney – Alan Payne6. Eileen: Act One: Dialogue Well Just Settle – Alan Payne/Caroline Taylor/Christopher Norton/Cassandra Norville7. Eileen: Act One: Air My Little Irish – Cassandra Norville8. Eileen: Act One: Dialogue Ah, Ye Grow – Christopher Norton/Cassandra Norville/Patrick Yaeger/John Pickle9. Eileen: Act One: Finaletto This Is Must – Catherine Robison/John Pickle/Zanna Fredland/Chor/Damian Savarino/Boyd Mackus10. Eileen: Act Two: Intermezzo – Childrens Chor11. Eileen: Act Two: Dialogue Heres James – Cassandra Norville/Catherine Robison/John Pickle/Suzanne Woods12. Eileen: Act Two: Air Stars – Suzanne Woods13. Eileen: Act Two: Dialogue Why, Who – Catherine Robison/Suzanne Woods/John Pickle14. Eileen: Act Two: Air When Love – Catherine Robison15. Eileen: Act Two: Dialogue Oh What? – Boyd Mackus/Catherine Robison/Suzanne Woods16. Eileen: Act Two: Air If Eve – Boyd MackusDISC 21. Eileen: Act Two: Dialoge My Lady – Cassandra Norville/Catherine Robison/Suzanne Woods2. Eileen: Act Two: Air Reveries – Suzanne Woods3. Eileen: Act Two: Dialogue Miss Eileen – Boyd Mackus/Suzanne Woods/John Pickle/Catherine Robison/Damian Savarino4. Eileen: Act Two: Duet Lifes A Game – Catherine Robison/Damian Savarino5. Eileen: Act Two: Dialogue Youre Delightful – Damian Savarino/Catherine Robison/John Pickle/Suzanne Woods6. Eileen: Act Two: Air Eileen – John Pickle7. Eileen: Act Two: Dialogue Well, Sir – Catherine Robison/Ted Christopher/Suzanne Woods/Boyd Mackus/John Pickle/Damian Savarino8. Eileen: Act Two: Finale I Arrest You – Damian Savarino/Catherine Robison/Boyd Mackus/Suzanne Woods/John Pickle/Jonathan Dahlke…9. Eileen: Act Three: Opening – Chor/Christopher Norton/Catherine Robison10. Eileen: Act Three: Dialogue Suren You – Cassandra Norville/Christopher Norton11. Eileen: Act Three: Air Too-Ra-Loo – Cassandra Norville/Chor12. Eileen: Act Three: Dialogue No Sign – Boyd Mackus/Catherine Robison/Suzanne Woods/Caroline Taylor13. Eileen: Act Three: Duet Thine Alone – Suzanne Woods/John Pickle14. Eileen: Act Three: Dialogue Im Afraid – John Pickle/Suzanne Woods/Cassandra Norville/Christopher Norton/Caroline Taylor/Zanna Fredland15. Eileen: Act Three: Duet Cupid – Christopher Norton/Cassandra Norville16. Eileen: Act Three: Dialogue Shaun, Is It You – Cassandra Norville/Christopher Norton/Alan Payne17. Eileen: Act Three: Air When Shall I – John Pickle18. Eileen: Act Three: Dialogue I See Its Useless – Catherine Robison/John Pickle/Robert Daniel Goulet19. Eileen: Act Three: Chor The Irish Have – Christopher Norton/Chor20. Eileen: Act Three: Dialogue Go On With Ya – Christopher Norton/John Pickle/Suzanne Woods/Boyd Mackus/Catherine Robison/Damian Savarino…21. Eileen: Act Three Finale When Ireland – John Pickle/Suzanne Woods/Catherine Robison/Alan Payne/Cassandra Norville/Christopher Norton…