Elegies for angels, punks, and raging Queens (2001)

Musicales | 92 Min

Datos Generales

Tracks: 1. Angels, Punks And Raging Queens – Alice Ripley2. Im Holding On To You – Alton Fitzgerald White/Orfeh/Amy Spanger/Bobby Daye3. And The Rain Keeps Falling Down – Brian DArcy James4. I Dont Do That Anymore – Clent Bowers/Doug Eskew5. I Dont Know How To Help You – Stephanie Pope6. Celebrate – Emily Skinner/Alice Ripley7. Heroes All Around – Kane Alexander/Robert Gallagher/Kathy Brier/Marie Danvers8. Spend It While You Can – Sharon Wilkins/Wendy Baila/Brad Little/Ayal Miodovnik/Kelli Rabke9. My Brother Lived In San Francisco – Emily Skinner10. Learning To Let Go – Norm Lewis11. Billy (Monologue) – Steve Burns12. Tina (Monologue) – Erin Torpey13. Charlotte (Monologue) – Veanne Cox14. Christopher (Monologue) – Bryan Batt15. Walter (Monologue) – Christopher Durang16. Joe (Monologue) – Mario Cantone