Fanny (1954)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales


1. Mene, Mene, Tekel [From Pins and Needles]2. Sunday in the Park [From Pins and Needles]3. Its Better With a Union Man [From Pins and Needles]4. Franklin D. Roosevelt Jones [From Sing Out the News]5. Military Life (The Jerk Song) [From Call Me Mister]6. South America Take It Away [From Call Me Mister]7. Call Me Mister [From Call Me Mister]8. The Money Song [From Thats the Ticket]9. Gin Rummy Rhapsody [From Thats the Ticket]10. You Never Know What Hit You (When Its Love) [From Thats the Ticket]11. I Shouldnt Love You [From Thats the Ticket]12. Cry Baby [From Alive and Kicking]13. French With Tears [From Alive and Kicking]14. Dont Want to Write About the South [From Bless You All]15. I Can Hear It Now [From Bless You All]16. Pocketful of Dreams [From Michael Todds Peep Show]17. Where Did the Night Go? [From Wish You Were Here]18. Don José of Far Rockaway [From Wish You Were Here]19. Wish You Were Here [From Wish You Were Here]20. Restless Heart [From Fanny]21. Love Is a Very Light Thing [From "Fanny"] [From Fanny]22. Fanny [From Fanny]23. Be Kind to Your Parents [From Fanny]24. I Have to Tell You [From Fanny]25. To My Wife [From Fanny]