Funny Girl, Concierto (2002)

Musicales | 92 Min

Datos Generales

Tracks:01 Overture02 Scene_ Fannys Dressing Room, The03 Scene_ Mrs. Brices Saloon04 If A Girl Isnt Pretty I05 Scene_ Keeneys Music Hall06 If A Girl Isnt Pretty II07 Scene_ Keeneys Music Hall (cont..08 Im The Greatest Star09 Scene_ Transition and Introductio10 Cornet Man11 Scene_ Keeneys Music Hall, Backs12 Nicky Arnstein I13 Scene_ Mrs. Brices Kitchen14 Who Taught Her Everything15 Scene_ The New York Theater16 His Love Makes Me Beautiful17 Scene_ The New York Theater18 I Want To Be Seen With You Tonight19 Nicky Arnstein II20 Henry Street21 Scene_ 24 Henry Street322 Scene_ 24 Henry Street (cont.)23 People24 Scene_ Mrs. Brices Saloon25 Scene_ A Private Dining Room in BDisc 201 You Are Woman, I Am Man02 Scene_ The Baltimore Railroad Ter03 Dont Rain On My Parade04 Entracte05 Scene_ The Arnstein Mansion06 Sadie, Sadie07 Scene_ Mrs. Brices Saloon08 Find Yourself A Man09 Scene_ The New Amsterdam Theater10 Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat11 Scene_ Fannys Dressing Room, The12 Who Are You Now13 Sleep Now, Baby Bunting14 Scene_ The Arnstein House15 Funny Girl16 Scene_ The New Amsterdam Theater17 The Music That Makes Me Dance18 Scene_ Fannys Dressing Room, The19 Dont Rain On My Parade (Finale)20 Bows21 Bows_Announcements22 Exit music