Girl Crazy (1943)

Musicales | 92 Min


  • Fecha de estreno: 13 Sep, 2005
  • Director:
  • Letras:
  • Compositor:
  • Autor/es:
  • Elenco: Mickey Rooney

Datos Generales

Tracks: 1. Main Title/Montage – The M-G-M Studio Orchestra2. Sam And Delilah – Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra3. Treat Me Rough (Extended Version) – June Allyson/Mickey Rooney/The Music Maids/The Stafford Trio/Kathleen Carns/Ruth Clarke…4. Bidin My Time – Judy Garland/The Kings Men5. Could You Use Me? – Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland6. Ginger Dear (Outtake) – The M-G-M Studio Chor7. Happy Birthday To You (Extended Version) – The M-G-M Studio Chor8. Embraceable You – Judy Garland/Henry Kruze/P. Hanna/G. Mershon/H. Stanton/Ernie Newton/Tommy Dorsey…9. Walking In The Garden – The M-G-M Studio Orchestra/Judy Garland/Roger Edens10. Barbary Coast – Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra11. Fascinating Rhythm – Mickey Rooney12. Bronco Busters (Outtake) – Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland/Nancy Walker/The M-G-M Studio Chor13. Boy! What Love Has Done To Me! (Extended Version) – Tommy Dorsey And His Orch14. Embraceable You (Reprise) (Extended Version) – Tommy Dorsey And His Orch15. But Not For Me – Judy Garland16. I Got Rhythm – Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney/Six Hits And A Miss/The Music Maids/Hal Hopper/Trudy Erwin…17. End Title (Extended Version) – Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland/The M-G-M Studio Chor