Grand hotel, tour EE:UU. (1992)

Musicales | 92 Min

Datos Generales

Shows/Hide Tracks:01. The Grand Parade Some Have, Some Have Not Henry Grossman/William Ryall/David Elledge/Walter Willison/Kathi Moss/Brent Barrett/Bob Stillman 02. Dialogue (Look at Him) John Wylie 03. At the Grand Hotel Table with a View Michael Jeter/Brent Barrett 04. Maybe My Baby Loves Me David Jackson/Danny Strayhorn/Jane Krakowski 05. Fire and Ice Twenty-two Years Villa on a Hill Liliane Montevecchi/Karen Akers 06. I Want to Go to Hollywood Jane Krakowski 07. Dialogue (Sorry to Repout) John Wylie 08. The Crooked Path Some Have, Some Have Not Timothy Jerome/Henry Grossman/William Ryall/David Elledge/Walter Willison 09. Who Couldnt Dance With You Jane Krakowski/Brent Barrett/Michael Jeter 10. Dialouge (So Tell Me Baron…) Liliane Montevecchi 11. Love Cant Happen Brent Barrett 12. What You Need Karen Akers 13. Bonjour Amour Liliane Montevecchi 14. H-a-p-p-y Well Take a Glass Together David Jackson/Danny Strayhorn/Michael Jeter/Brent Barrett 15. I Waltz Alone John Wylie/Brent Barrett/Michael Jeter 16. Dialogue (No Creature on This Planet…) John Wylie 17. Roses at the Station Brent Barrett 18. Dialogue (Two Scary Enemies…) John Wylie 19. Bolero Orchestra 20. How Can I Tell Her? Karen Akers 21. Trial Score Bob Stillman/The Company 22. The Grand Waltz Entire Company/Henry Grossman/William Ryall/David Elledge/Walter Willison/Jack Lee 23. Love Cant Happen David Carroll (Live At Steve McGraws) (BONUS)