!Hero, The Rock Opera (2003)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

DISCO 11. This Is How It Happened2. A Few Good Men3. Wedding Celebration4. Fire Of Love5. Lose My Life With You6. Man On A Mission7. Secrets Of The Heart8. Stand Up And Walk9. Do What You Gotta Do10. Take My Hand11. Loves Declaration12. Raised In Harlem13. Theyre Callin Him Hero14. Manna From Heaven15. HeroDISCO 21. Leave Here2. Stand By You3. Say The Word4. Intentions5. Finally Home6. Not In Our House7. Murder On Their Minds8. Party In The House Today9. In Remembrance Of Me10. Shadowman11. Heros Agony12. I Am13. Kill The Hero14. Execute: Intentions (reprise) / Hero (reprise) / Lose My Life With You (reprise)15. Hes Not Here16. The Truth Comes Out