Hit the Deck! (1955)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

1. Main Title – Hit The Deck ST2. Hallelujah! – Tony Martin/Vic Damone/Rex Dennis3. An Armful Of You – The M-G-M Studio Orchestra4. Keepin Myself For You – Ann Miller/Tony Martin/Betty Noyes/Gloria Wood/Loulie Jean Norman/Betty Wand/Virginia Reese…5. Lucky Bird – Jane Powell6. A Kiss Or Two – Debbie Reynolds Boys Trio7. Keepin Myself For You – The M-G-M Studio Orchestra8. Why Oh Why – Tony Martin/Vic Damone/Rex Dennis9. Sometimes Im Happy – Jane Powell10. I Know That You Know – Jane Powell/Vic Damone11. The Lady From The Bayou – Ann Miller12. An Armful Of You (Instrumental Reprise) – The M-G-M Studio Orchestra13. Dormi Dormi (Outtake) – Kay Armen/Vic Damone14. Ciribiribin – Kay Armen/Vic Damone/Jane Powell/Debbie Reynolds/Rex Dennis15. Why Oh Why – Jane Powell/Debbie Reynolds/Ann Miller16. More Than You Know – Tony Martin17. Fun House Sequence (The Harbor Of My Heart/A Kiss Or Two) – The M-G-M Studio Orchestra18. Sometimes Im Happy (Reprise/Outtake) – Jane Powell/Vic Damone19. Overture – The M-G-M Studio Orchestra20. Theatre Stage Chase Number (Medley: Join The Navy/Loo Loo) – Debbie Reynolds/The M-G-M Studio Orchestra21. Hallelujah! (Reprise/Finale) – Kay Armen/Jane Powell/Debbie Reynolds/Ann Miller/Tony Martin/Vic Damone/Clark Burroughs…22. End Cast (Join The Navy) – The M-G-M Studio Orchestra