Hollywood Party (1982)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

01. Hollywood Party Barbara Rosenblatt 02. You Are Robert Daws 03. I'm One of the Boys Barbara Rosenblatt 04. Keep Away from Moonlight Robert Daws 05. Black Diamond Barbara Rosenblatt 06. You've Got That Pat Whitmore / Richard Quin 07. Burning Barbara Rosenblatt 08. My Friend, the Night Robert Daws 09. Fly Away to Ioway Pat Whitmore / Richard Quin 10. Prayer Pat Whitmore 11. You've Get That Barbara Rosenblatt / Robert Daws 12. I'm a Queen in My Own Domain Pat Whitmore 13. Finale Hollywood Party Company, The 14. That's Love (Nana) Lee Gibson (BONUS) 15. How About It (America's Sweetheart) Lee Gibson (BONUS) 16. Moonlight Lane (Helen of Troy) Freddy Williams (BONUS) 17. What's the Use? (Lido Lady) [Lido Lady] Freddy Williams (BONUS)