(Howard Crabtrees) When Pigs Fly (1996)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

1. Prologue2. When Pigs Fly3. Youve Got To Stay In The Game4. Torch Song *1 (Newt)5. Light In The Loafers6. Coming Attractions With Carol Ann: Intro7. Quasimodo8. Lords Of The Fries9. Annie 310. Not All Man11. Torch Song * 2 (Strom)12. A Patriotic Finale13. Wear Your Vanity With Pride14. Hawaiian Wedding Song15. Cupids Arrow16. Shaft Of Love17. Sam And Me18. Bigger Is Better19. Torch Song *3 (Rush)20. Laughing Matters21. Miss Roundhole Returns22. Over The Top/When Pigs Fly (Reprise)