I Love You, Madam President (1994)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Peter Pan Il Musical

Tracks: 1. Join the Party -Chorus and Carolan Berman2. Join the Party Reprise – Chorus3. The Man Behind the Throne – Ron Ostrow with Jordan Hunt and Deny Staggs4. I Could Love You More – Carolan Berman5. Be a Lady – Carolan Berman and Eileen Tepper6. A Man Who Needs Me – Phyllis Lynd7. Its a Sad Day for Us All – Ron Ostrow, Jordan Hunt, Deny Staggs8. Pigtails in the Ink – Carolan Berman, Eileen Tepper9. Legacy – Carolan Berman10. Sometimes – Carolan Berman, Ron Ostrow11. Mr. Somebodys Wife – SuEllen Estey Eileen Tepper12. Woman Alone – Eileen Tepper13. Ill Take Out The Garbage – Deny Staggs, chorus14. Logic of A Semi-Liberated Man – SuEllen Estey15. Close Enough – Eileen Tepper16. Someone is Dependent on Me (Jordan Hunt)/Gossamer and Bubbles (Lauree Taradash)17. The Battle Song- George Dvorskey and SuEllen Estey18. Thats a Heavy Crown Youre Wearing – chorus19. A Woman Who Loves Me – Ron Ostrow20. Bring Back Romance – Phyllis Lynd and Jordan Hunt21. Be More of A Man – Eileen Tepper22. Reprises