Jekyll Y Hyde (2001)

Musicales | 92 Min

Datos Generales

1. I need to know2. Facade3. Bitch, bitch, bitch4. The engagement party5. Possessed6. Take me as I am7. Lisa Carew8. Board of governors9. Bring on the men10. Lucy meets Jekyll11. How can I continue on?12. This is the moment13. Transformation14. Lucy meets Hyde15. Alive16. Streak of madness17. His work and nothing more18. Sympathy-Tenderness19. Someone like you20. Mass21. Murder! Murder!22. Letting go23. Reflections24. In his eyes25. The world has gone insane26. The girls of the night27. No one knows who I am28. It's a dangerous game29. Once upon a dream30. No one must ever know31. A new life32. Confrontation33. The wedding reception34. Love Has Come Of Age35. Seduction36. Till You Came Into My Life37. Retribution38. It's Over Now39. We Still Have Time40. Lost in the Darkness41. Pursue the Truth42. Emma's Reasons43. I Must Go On44. Good 'n' Evil45. Now There Is No Choice46. Obsession47. The Way Back