Just So (2006)

Musicales | 92 Min

Datos Generales

1. Just So/Just So2. Just So/Theres No Harm in Asking3. Just So/Another Tempest4. Just So/The Limpopo River5. Just So/Living on This Island6. Just So/Thick Skin7. Just So/The Parsee Cake Cake-Walk8. Just So/We Want to Take the Ladies Out9. Just So/Pick Up Your Hooves and Trot10. Just So/Jungle Light/Just So (Reprise)11. Just So/The Argument12. Just So/Wait a Bit13. Just So/Leaps and Bounds14. Just So/Does the Moment Ever Come?15. Just So/Please Dont Touch My Stove16. Just So/Little One Come Hither17. Just So/If – The Crab18. Just So/Finale – Just So/The Limpopo (Reprise