Les Patterson Has a Standup (1996)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Side One 1. Good evening one and all 2. Les the fitness freak 3. A trip to Bangkok 4. I discovered I was a slob 5. The only Les who isnt on Channel Four 6. When in Rome 7. My former Research Assistant 8. Chardonnay: A Song of Culinary Conquests 9. The Patterson Interview Technique Side Two 1. Big job offer 2. My fathers dying words in the pub 3. Charisma Coaching at No 10 4. Farting with the French 5. Colonic Irrigation with Princess Diana 6. My wife Gwens suppositories 7. Im a Hard Act to Follow: A Song of Proportion 8. Tuna Town: A Country Song with the Emphasis on the First Syllable