Little me (1998)

Musicales | 92 Min

Datos Generales

Temas Musicales:1. Overture2. Little Me3. Chapter One: The Story Begins4. The Other Side Of The Tracks (Slow Version)5. The Other Side Of The Tracks (Fast Version)6. Rich Kids Rag7. I Love You8. Belle Meets Mr. Pinchley9. Deep Down Inside10. Girls Guns Geezer11. Be A Performer12. Dimples13. Fame Is A Fickle Thing14. Boom, Boom15. Ive Got Your Number16. Belle Meets Fred17. Real Live Girl18. I Love Sinking You19. Belle Goes To Hollywood20. Poor Little Hollywood Star21. The Prince I22. Goodbye23. Heres To Us24. Finale – The EndProducción: The Roundabout Theatre Company (Todd Haimes: Artistic Director; Ellen Richard: Managing Director; Julia C. Levy: Executive Director of External Affairs; Gene Feist: Founding Director)Iluminación: Kenneth PosnerEscenografía: David GalloCoreografía: Rob MarshallVestuario: Ann Hould-WardSonido: Brian RonanDel 15 de octubre 1998 al 07 de febrero 1999