Oh! What a Lovely War (1963)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

1. Overture2. Row, Row, Row3. Your King and Country Want You4. Belgium Put the Kibosh on the Kaiser5. Are We Downhearted?6. Hold Your Hand Out Naughty Boy7. Ill Make a Man of You8. Pack Up Your Troubles9. Hitchy Koo10. Heilige Nacht11. Christmas Day in the Cookhouse12. Good Byee13. Oh Its a Lovely War14. Gassed Last Night15. Theres a Long Long Trail16. Hush Here Comes a Whizzbang17. They Were Only Playing Leapfrog18. I Wrote a Tunic19. Joe Soaps Army20. When This Lousy War Is Over21. Wash Me in the Water22. I Want to Go Home23. Bells of Hell24. Keep the Home Fires Burning25. Chanson de Craonne26. I Dont Want to Be a Soldier27. They Didnt Believe Me