Radio! The Musical (2003)

Musicales | 92 Min


  • Fecha de estreno: 13 Sep, 2005
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  • Letras:
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Datos Generales

1. Act L: Overture 2. Act L: Radio Sensation/I Need a Job 3. Act L: Big Jim Commercial 4. Act L: Good Morning 5. Act L: It Used to Be 6. Act L: Will I Ever Find That Special You? 7. Act L: Look at Us Now 8. Act L: Great Set of Cans/Guys With Big Voices 9. Act L: I Love to Collect Pretty Things 10. Act L: Its Only Business 11. Act L: The `60s Were Good to Me 12. Act L: I Just Cant See Myself 13. Act L: I Heard/Rumors 14. Act LL: Entracte 15. Act LL: Radio!/Radio Sensation 16. Act LL: Where Were You? 17. Act LL: Big Jim [Clowns Calliope Music] 18. Act LL: Out and About 19. Act LL: Please Listen to Me 20. Act LL: Arbitron 21. Act LL: Angels Everywhere 22. Act LL: Baroness of Bratwurst 23. Act LL: Tell Me You Love Me 24. Act LL: I Just Cant See Myself/Look at Us Now (Reprise) 25. Act LL: I Just Love This Time of Year 26. Act LL: Finale 27. I Love This Time of the Year