Silk Stockings (1955)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Tracks: 1. Overture – Cole Porter2. Too Bad – Leon Belasco, Henry Lascoe, David Opatoshu3. Paris Loves Lovers – Don Ameche, Hildegarde Neff4. Stereophonic Sound – Gretchen Wyler5. Its a Chemical Reaction, Thats All/All of You – Don Ameche, Hildegarde Neff6. Satin and Silk – Gretchen Wyler7. Without Love – Hildegarde Neff8. Hail Bibinski – Leon Belasco, Henry Lascoe, David Opatoshu9. As on Through the Seasons We Sail – Don Ameche, Hildegarde Neff10. Josephine – Gretchen Wyler11. Siberia – Leon Belasco, Henry Lascoe, David Opatoshu12. Silk Stockings – Don Ameche13. Red Blues – Cole Porter14. Finale – Cole Porter15. All of You – Sammy Davis, Jr