Sleeping Beauty (1957)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

01. Main Title Once Upon a Dream Prologue 02. Hail to the Princess Aurora 03. The Gifts of Beauty and Song Maleficent Appears True Love Conquers All 04. The Burning of the Spinning Wheels The Fairies Plan 05. Maleficents Frustration 06. A Cottage in the Woods 07. Do You Hear That? I Wonder 08. An Unusual Prince Once Upon a Dream 09. Magical House Cleaning Blue or Pink 10. A Secret Revealed 11. Skumps (Drinking Song) The Royal Argument 12. Prince Phillip Arrives How to Tell Stefan 13. Auroras Return Maleficents Evil Spell 14. Poor Aurora Sleeping Beauty 15. Forbidden Mountain 16. A Fairy Tale Come True 17. Battle with the Forces of Evil 18. Awakening 19. Finale