Somebody Loves Me (1952)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

1. The More I Go Out With Somebody Else2. Dont Tell Me That Story3. It Had To Be You4. Doctor, Lawyer Indian Chief5. Orange Colored Sky6. Shes A Lady7. Hes A Demon – Hes A Devil – Hes A Doll8. Its A Man9. Who Kicked The Light Plug (Out Of The Socket)10. Its Oh So Quiet!11. Murder, He Says12. The Musicians13. How Dye Do And Shake Hands14. Somebody Loves Me15. Dixie Dreams16. Mister Banjo Man17. Rose Room18. Jealous19. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans20. That Teasin Rag/Toddling The Todalo21. Love Him22. No Matter How You Say Goodbye23. I Took The Long Way Around24. Goin Steady25. Im Nobodys Baby26. Broke, Bare-Foot And Starry-Eyed27. Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad