Street Scene (1989)

Musicales | 92 Min

Datos Generales

1. Intro2. Aint It Awful3. Ive Got A Marble And A Star4. Get A Load Of That5. When A Woman Has A Baby6. She Shouldnt Be Staying Out Nights7. Somehow I Never Could Believe8. Ice Cream Sextet9. Let The Things Like They Always Was10. Wrapped In A Ribbon And A Bow11. Lonely House12. Wouldnt You Be On Broadway13. What Good Would That Moon Be14. Moon Faced Starry Eyed15. Dance16. Remember That I Care17. Fianletto18. Intro Act II19. Catch Me If You Can20. Therell Be Trouble21. I Tried To Be A Good Wife To Him22. Boy Like You23. Well Go Away Together24. MurderWoman Who Lived Up There25. Interlude26. Fianle27. Aint It Awful The Heat28. MurderMurder29. Murder