Taking a Chance on Love (2000)

Musicales | 92 Min

Datos Generales

1. Mr. Nobody {Ballet Ballads}2. Nothing Ever Happens in Angels Roost {The Golden Apple}3. Keep Your Nose to the Grindstone {The Vamp}4. Do What You Wanna Do {Cabin in the Sky}5. Ill Take the City {Banjo Eyes}6. Oh, Baby {Ballet Ballads}7. On the Waterfront/"Beside the Troubled Waters of the Hudson" {On …}8. Not a Care in the World {Banjo Eyes}9. Surrealist10. Cabin in the Sky {Cabin in the Sky}11. Little Poppa Satan {Cabin in the Sky}12. In My Old Virginia Home (On the River Nile) {Cabin in the Sky}13. Honey in the Honeycomb {Cabin in the Sky}14. Love Turned the Light Out15. Finale {Cabin in the Sky}16. Taking a Chance on Love {Cabin in the Sky}17. Four Little Misfits {The Vamp}18. Change My Ways/Take Love Easy {Beggars Holiday}19. Nail in the Horseshoe20. Opening {Ballet Ballads "The Eccentricities of Davy Crockett"}21. My Yellow Flower22. Ridin on the Breeze {Ballet Ballads "The Eccentricities of Davy …}"23. Finale {Ballet Ballads "The Eccentricities of Davy Crockett"}24. Rainy Day25. Plain Words26. Have You Met Delilah?27. Im Everybodys Baby28. Windflowers29. Ringaroundarosie (The Syphilis Song)30. Lazy Afternoon {The Golden Apple}31. Always Through the Changing {The Ballad of Baby Doe}