The Contrabandista (2004)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Tracks: 1. Introduction 2. Hush! Not A Step 3. Let Others Seek The Peaceful Plain 4. Hand Of Fate! 5. Only The Night Wind Sighs Alone 6. A Guard By Night 7. From Rock To Rock 8. Hullo! Whats That? 9. Dance 10. Hail To The Ancient Hat! 11. Wake, Gentle Maiden 12. Let Hidalgos Be Proud Of Their Breed 13. He Will Return 14. Whod To Be Robber-Chief Aspire 15. I Fired Each Barrel 16. Have Pity, Sir! 17. The Warrior Earl Of Allendale 18. Love Flew In At The Window 19. Long Live Richard! 20. To Sleep! To Sleep! 21. There Is No Land Like England 22. Evil Fairy! Do You Hear? 23. By All The Deer That Spring 24. The Bee Buzzd Up In The Heat 25. Now The King Is Home Again