The Curse of the Bambino (2001)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Tracks: 01. So Many Years Ago Peter A. Carey, Peter Dupre, Brent Reno, Britton White 02. Everybodys Got Their Heroes Carey, John Davin, Dupre, Reno, Derek Stearns, White 03. Red Sox Boogie Carey, Dupre, Reno, White 04. Theres Always Next Year Stearns, Eileen Nugent 05. Showbiz R.C. Jacobs, Stearns, Nugent 06. Dewey Defeats Truman Carey, Dupre, Reno, White 07. Home Run King J.H. Williston, Carey, Dupre, Reno, Stearns, White 08. Twelve Games Behind Carey, Dupre, Reno, White 09. What a Woman Can Do Nugent 10. Baseball Man Davin, Jacobs 11. The Bambinos Curse Carey, Davin, Dupre, Jacobs, Reno, Stearns, White, Williston 12. Beisball Manifesto Carey, Davin, Dupre, Reno, White 13. The Finish Line Carey, Dupre, Reno, White 14. Face The Music Carey, Davin, Dupre, Jacobs, Nugent, Reno, Stearns, White 15. Bucky Dent Carey, Dupre, Reno, White 16. So Many Years Ago (Reprise) Carey, Dupre, Reno, White 17. Land of Opportunity Gregory Bouchard, Peter Carey (BONUS) 18. Lucky Again Gregory Bouchard, Eileen Nugent (BONUS) 19. The Ocean Maryann Zschau (BONUS) 20. Im Your Biggest Fan Brent Reno (BONUS)