The Dancing Years (1968)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Tracks: 1. Overture – Chorus2. Uniform (Weve Got A Uniform) – Chorus3. Waltz Of My Heart – Chorus4. The Wings Of Sleep (When Night Is Dark And Deep) – Chorus5. My Life Belongs To You (When We First Met) – Chorus6. I Can Give You The Starlight (When I Was Young) – Chorus7. My Dearest Dear – Chorus8. Chorale (Hail To The Light) And Tyrolese Dance – Chorus9. Primrose (Evry Other Sunday Afternoon) – Chorus10. When Its Spring In Vienna (The Winters Over) – Chorus11. The Leap Year Waltz – Chorus12. Overture – Patricia Johnson13. Some Day My Heart Will Awake – Patricia Johnson14. Fly Home, Little Heart (Far, Far Away) – Patricia Johnson15. If This Were Love- Mountain Dove (Farewell, My Little Dove) – Patricia Johnson16. The Violin Began To Play – Patricia Johnson17. Take Your Girl (Johnny Was Shy)-Some Day My Heart Will Awake (Reprise) – Patricia Johnson18. Music In May – Moira Anderson19. Glamorous Night – Moira Anderson20. Fold your Wings (Glamorous Night) – Marion Grimaldi21. Shine Through My Dreams (Glamorous Night) – Marion Grimaldi22. Love Is My reason (Perchance To Dream) – Marion Grimaldi23. Well Gather Lilacs (Perchance To Dream) – Marion Grimaldi24. Rose Of England (Crest Of The Wave) – Marion Grimaldi