The Emerald Isle (1982)

Musicales | 92 Min


  • Fecha de estreno: 13 Sep, 2005
  • Director:
  • Letras:
  • Compositor:
  • Autor/es: Joke de Kruijf
  • Elenco:

Datos Generales

Tracks: 1. Introduction2. As We Lie In Languor Lazy3. When Islam First Arose4. O Life Has Put Into My Hand5. If A Sudden Stroke Of Fate6. If You Ask Me7. Neath My Lattice8. Tramps And Scamps9. When My Father Sent Me To Ispahan10. I Care Not If The Cup I Hold11. Musical Maidens12. We Have Come To Invade13. Sultans Executioner14. Im The Sultans Vigilant Vizier15. O Luckless Hour16. Oh What Is Love17. If You Or I Should Tell The Truth18. From Morning Prayer19. Let A Satirist Enumerate20. In The Heart Of My Desires21. Suppose I Say Suppose22. Laughing Low23. Its A Busy Busy Busy Busy Day24. Out Tale Is Told25. Joy And Sorrow26. It Has Reached Me27. Hassan The Sultan With His Court28. There Was Once A Small Street Arab29. Bridal March30. Introduction31. Have You Heard The Brave News32. Im Descended From Brian Boru33. Of Viceroys Though Weve Had34. If You Wish To Appear35. On The Heights Of Glantun36. Two Is Company37. Im The Lord Lieutenant38. At An Early Stage Of Life39. When Alfreds Friends40. O Setting Sun41. Their Courage High42. That Were Soldiers43. Now This Is The Song Of The Devonshire Men44. It Is Past My Comprehension45. Many Years Ago I Strode46. Their Fathers Fought At Ramillies47. Is There Anyone Approachin48. Bedad Its For Him49. Jig50. Och The Spalpeen51. Oh Have You Met A Man In Debt52. Twas In Hyde Park53. I Cannot Play At Love54. Oh The Age In Which Were Living55. Sing A Rhyme56. Listen Hearken My Lover57. Goodbye My Native Town58. I Love You I Love You59. There Was Once A Little Soldier60. With A Big Shillelagh