The Firebrand of Florence (2000)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Temas del Musical: GRABACIÓN: en 2 CD.Disco 1:1. Prelude2. When the Bell of Doom is Clanging3. Come to Florence4. Life, Love and Laughter5. Our Master is free again6. I had just been pardoned7. Youre far too near me8. Arietta9. Alessandro the Wise10. Finaletto11. Entrance of the Duches12. Sing me not a Ballad13. Madrigal: When the Duches is away14. Duet: Life, Love and Laughter15. Trio: The nosy cook16. Finale Act 1Disco 2:1. Duet: Youre far too near me2. The Letter3. The little naked boy4. A Ryhme for Angela5. Procession6. O the world is full of villains7. You have to do what you do do8. How wonderfully fortunate9. Duet: Love is my enemy10. The little naked boy11. Come to Paris12. Finale: Sarabande13. Finale Ultimo: Life, Love and Laughter