The Firefly (2006)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Temas del Musical:Dicso 1:1. Act One – Overture2. Act One – Opening "Eyes Front"3. Act One – Scene "Geraldine, what is the trouble?"4. Act One – Dialogue "Uncle!"5. Act One – Song "Call me Uncle"6. Act One – Dialogue "I think we are going"7. Act One – Scene "Jenkins, we can sail immediately"8. Act One – Dialogue "So, who do all these"9. Act One – Duet "Something"10. Act One – Scene "Nina, come on"11. Act One – Song of. "Giannina mia"12. Act One – Finale "Ive Found it at last"13. Act Two – Opening "The sleepy, nodding"14. Act Two – Scene "Tommy Adkins Song"15. Act Two – Dialogue "Tony, you make a cute soldier"16. Act Two – Duet "Sympathy"17. Act Two – Dialogue "Shes been crying"18. Act Two – Scene "Where did you learn that song?"Disco 2:1. Act Two – Dialogue "Well, young man"2. Act Two – Trio "De trop"3. Act Two – Dialogue "Auntie, what is it?"4. Act Two – Ensemble "Were going to make a man of you"5. Act Two – Dialogue "News, Pietro!"6. Act Two – Song/Chorus "Oh, beautiful ship from Toyland"7. Act Two – Dialogue "Did you call?"8. Act Two – Song "When a maid comes knocking"9. Act Two – Dialogue "See, what a nice girl she makes"10. Act Two – Finale "See, my cloak!"11. Act Three – Opening "May I see if for me?"12. Act Three – Dialogue "Well, Jenkins"13. Act Three – Duet "Theres a dance"14. Act Three – Dialogue "Why, Mr. Thurson"15. Act Three – Song "Night is goneâ?¦Kiss me"16. Act Three – Dialogue "Jenkins, if you would be so kind"17. Act Three – Finale "When a maid" (Reprise)