The Hired Man (1992)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

DISCO 11. Song of the Hired Men – Company2. Scene: The Tallentire Boys – Paul Clarkson, Gerard Doyle, Billy Hartman3. Fill It to the Top – Paul Clarkson, , Gerard Doyle, Billy Hartman, Company4. Now for the First Time – Paul Clarkson, Julia Hills5. Narration I – Phillip Schofield6. Work Song: Its All Right for You – Company7. Narration II – Phillip Schofield8. Who Will You Marry Then? – Julia Hills9. Scene: Jackson and Emily – Julia Hills, Richard Walsh10. Get Up and Go Lad – Billy Hartman, Company11. I Wouldnt Be the First – Julia Hills, Richard Walsh12. Scene: Emily, Did You Get the Message…. – Paul Clarkson, Julia Hills13. Fade Away – Paul Clarkson, Julia Hills14. Hear Your Voice – Richard Walsh15. What a Fool Ive Been – Paul Clarkson16. Song of the Hired Men (End of Act One) – CompanyDISCO 21. Narration III – Phillip Schofield2. You Never See the Sun – Clare Burt3. Scene: Jackson Meets May – Clare Burt, Richard Walsh4. Scene: Harry! Youre Not Going Down the Pit… – Clare Burt, Paul Clarkson, Emily Hills, Christopher Wild5. What Would You Say to Your Son – Paul Clarkson6. Union Song: Men of Stone – Gerard Doyle, Billy Hartman,7. Narration IV – Phillip Schofield8. Farewell Song – Clare Burt, Paul Clarkson, , Billy Hartman, Julia Hills, Company9. War Song: So Tell Your Children – Paul Clarkson, , Billy Hartman, Julia Hills, Richard Walsh, Company10. Narration V – Phillip Schofield11. No Choir of Angels – Paul Clarkson, Julia Hills12. Scene: The Mining Disaster – Alf, Clare Burt, Paul Clarkson, Gerard Doyle, Julia Hills,13. Scene: John and Seth – Paul Clarkson, Gerard Doyle14. Re-Hiring (End of Act Two) – Company