The Pirate (1948)

Musicales | 92 Min


  • Fecha de estreno: 13 Sep, 2005
  • Director:
  • Letras:
  • Compositor:
  • Autor/es:
  • Elenco: Gene Kelly

Datos Generales


Tracks: 1. Main Title (Mack the Black)2. Nina – Gene Kelly3. Mack the Black – Judy Garland, , MGM Studio Chorus4. Love of My Life [Outtake] – Judy Garland5. Pirate Ballet – MGM Studio Orchestra6. You Can Do No Wrong – Judy Garland7. Be a Clown – Gene Kelly, The Nicholas Brothers8. Love of My Life (Reprise) – Judy Garland9. Be a Clown (Finale) – Judy Garland, Gene Kelly10. Mack the Black [Unused Version] – Judy Garland, , MGM Studio Chorus11. Papayas/Seraphins [Partial Demo][*] – Roger Edens, Lennie Hayton12. Voodoo [Outtake] – Judy Garland13. Manuela [*][Demo Version] – Roger Edens14. Voodoo [*][Demo Version] – Roger Edens15. Nina [*][Demo Version] – Roger Edens16. You Can Do No Wrong [*][Demo Version] – Roger Edens17. Be a Clown [*][Demo Version] – Roger Edens18. Judy Garland Interview With Dick Simmons [*] – Judy Garland, Dicky Simmons19. Gene Kelly Interview With Dick Simmons [*] – Gene Kelly, Dicky Simmons