Trial By Jury (1964)

Musicales | 92 Min


  • Fecha de estreno: 13 Sep, 2005
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Disc: 1 1. Overture 2. When Maiden Loves, She Sits And Sighs 3. Tower Warders, Under Orders 4. When Our Gallant Norman Foes 5. Alas! I Waver To And Fro 6. Is Life A Boon? 7. Heres A Man Of Jollity! 8. I Have A Song To Sing, O! 9. How Say You, Maiden 10. Ive Jibe And Joke And Quip And Crank 11. Tis Done! I Am A Bride 12. Were I Thy Bride 13. O Sergeant Merryl, Is It True Disc: 2 1. The Night Has Spread Her Pall Once More 2. Oh! A Private Bofoon Is A Lighthearted Loon 3. Hereupon We Are Both Agreed 4. Free From His Fetters Grim 5. Strange Adventure 6. Hark! What Was That, Sir? 7. A Man Who Would Woo A Fair Maid 8. When A Wooer Goes A-Wooing 9. Rapture, Rapture 10. Comes The Pretty Young Bride 11. Trial By Jury: Hark The Hour Of Ten Is Sounding 12. Trial By Jury: When My First Old , Old Love I Knew 13. Trial By Jury: When I , Good Friends, Was Called To The Bar 14. Trial By Jury: Where Is The Plaintiff 15. Trial By Jury: May It Please You, My Lud! 16. Trial By Jury: Oh Gentlemen, Listen, I Pray 17. Trial By Jury: A Nice Dilemma We Have Here 18. Trial By Jury: I Love Him, I Love Him