Sunday in the Park with George

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Someone's Son

1. Opening (Daniel Evans & Jenna Russell) 2. Sunday in the Park With George (Jenna Russell & Daniel Evans) 3. "They are out early today." (Jenna Russell, Daniel Evans, Gay Soper & Joanne Redman) 4. No Life (Simon Green & Liza Sadovy) 5. Color and Light (Jenna Russell & Daniel Evans) 6. Gossip (Simon Green, Liza Sadovy, Alasdair Harvey, Sarah French-Ellis, Kaisa Hammarlund, Gay Soper, Joanne Redman, Jenna Russell, Daniel Evans & Ian McLarnon) 7. The Day Off (Daniel Evans, Gay Soper, Joanne Redman, Steven Kynman, Anna Lowe, Simon Green & Alasdair Harvey) 8. Everybody Loves Louis (Jenna Russell) 9. The One on the Left (Daniel Evans, Christopher Colley, Sarah French-Ellis & Kaisa Hammarlund) 10. Finishing the Hat (Daniel Evans) 11. We Do Not Belong Together (Daniel Evans & Jenna Russell) 12. Beautiful (Gay Soper & Daniel Evans) 13. Chaos (Company) 14. Sunday (Daniel Evans & Company) Disc: 2 1. It's Hot Up Here (Company) 2. Chromolume #7 (Daniel Evans & Jenna Russell) 3. Putting It Together (Daniel Evans & Company) 4. Children and Art (Jenna Russell & Daniel Evans) 5. Lesson #8 (Alasdair Harvey, Daniel Evans & Jenna Russell) 6. Move On (Jenna Russell & Daniel Evans) 7. "George. Is that you?" (Gay Soper & Daniel Evans) 8. Sunday Finale (Daniel Evans, Jenna Russell & Company) 9. The One on the Left, complete version (Christopher Colley, Sarah French-Ellis & Kaisa Hammarlund) [*]