Brian Friel

Autor, Director


Autor-DirectorObras: A Sort of Freedom (unpublished radio play, 1958) To This Hard House (unpublished radio play, 1958) A Doubtful Paradise (unpublished, 1960) The Enemy Within (1962) The Blind Mice (unpublished, 1963) Philadelphia, Here I Come! (1964) The Founder Members (unpublished TV play, 1964) Three Fathers, Three Sons (unpublished TV play, 1964) The Loves of Cass McGuire (1966) Lovers: Winners and Losers (1967) Crystal and Fox (1968) The Mundy Scheme (1969) The Gentle Island (1971) The Freedom of the City (1973) Volunteers (1975) Farewell to Ardstraw (unpublished BBC TV play, 1976) The Next Parish (unpublished BBC TV play, 1976) Living Quarters (1977) Faith Healer (1979) Aristocrats (1979) Translations (1980) Three Sisters (Anton Chekhov translation, 1981) American Welcome (7-minute one-act play, 1981) The Communication Cord (1982) Fathers and Sons (Ivan Turgenev adaptation, 1987) Making History (1988) Dancing at Lughnasa (1990) The London Vertigo (Charles Macklin adaptation, 1991) A Month in the Country (Turgenev adaptation, 1992) Wonderful Tennessee (1993) Molly Sweeney (1994) Give Me Your Answer, Do! (1997) Uncle Vanya (Chekhov adaptation, 1998) The Yalta Game (one-act Chekhov adaptation, 2001) The Bear (one-act Chekhov adaptation, 2002) Afterplay (one-act play, 2002) Performances (70-minute one-act play, 2003) The Home Place (2005) Hedda Gabler (Henrick Ibsen adaptation, 2008)