Cole Porter

Compositor, Letrista


Cole Albert Porter (Peru, Indiana, 9 de junio de 1891 – Santa Mónica, California, 15 de octubre de 1964) fue un compositor y letrista estadounidense de música popular, autor de más de mil canciones (muchas de ellas, como Night and Day, consideradas como clásicas) y de numerosas comedias musicales.MUSICALES De Cole Porter:1. Let's Do It2. At Long Last Love3. (1929) Fifty Million Frenchmen4. (1932) Gay Divorce5. (1933) Nymph Errant6. (1934) Anything Goes7. (1936) Red, Hot and Blue!8. (1936) Born to Dance9. (1938) You Never Know10. (1938) Leave it to Me11. (1939) Du Barry Was a Lady12. (1940) Broadway Melody of 194013. (1940) Panama Hattie14. (1941) You'll Never Get Rich15. (1943) Something to Shout About16. (1943) Something for the Boys17. (1944) Mexican Hayride18. (1946) Night and Day19. (1948) Kiss Me, Kate20. (1948) The Pirate21. (1950) Out of This World22. (1953) Can-Can23. (1955) Silk Stockings24. (1956) High Society25. (1957) Les Girls26. (1958) Aladdin27. (1965) The Decline and Fall of the Entire World as Seen Through the Eyes of Cole Porter28. (1973) Cole Porter in Paris29. (1974) Cole30. (1985) T'odio amor meu31. (1991) A Swell Party32. (1994) "Let's Do It!"33. (1995) You're the Top