Susan Egan



The Musicality of Kander and Ebb N/A Studio CastThe Musicality of Rodgers and Hammerstein N/A Studio Cast The Musicality of Strouse N/A Studio cast Beauty and the Beast 1994 Broadway Cast The Musical Adventures of Peter Pan 1996 Studio Cast Drat! The Cat! 1997 Studio Cast Hercules 1997 Film Soundtrack The Burt Bacharach Album: Broadway Sings the Best of Burt Bacharach 1998 Studio CastCinderella: Songs From The Classic Fairy Tale 1998 Studio Compilation Triumph of Love 1998 Original Broadway CastThe Stephen Schwartz Album 1999 Various All That & More 2001 Susan Egan Everyone Has a Story: The Songs of Adryan Russ 2001 Studio Cast Haines His Way 2001 Haines, Guy The Musicality of Sondheim 2002 Studio CastSo Far… 2002 Susan Egan Believe: The Songs of the Sherman Brothers 2003 Studio Cast The Musicality of Porter 2003 Compilation AlbumCoffee House 2004 Susan Egan In Good Company 2005 Lee Lessack Winter Tracks 2006 Susan Egan This Ordinary Thursday: The Songs of Georgia Stitt 2007 Studio Cast