Aspects of love (1989)

Musicales | 92 Min

Datos Generales

Pobre pueblo!!! Que ingenuo!!! Todo es lo mismo… Todo vuelve a empezar!!!Una historia de poder, corrupción, ambición, envidia, impunidad, perversión, libertad, libertinaje, amor traición, lujuria, sexo, asesinatos, homicidios y muerte…

Temas Musicales01. Railway Station At Pau, 1961 Love Changes Everything 02. A Small Theater In Montpellier 03. A Cafe In Montpellier Parlez-Vous Francais? 04. The Railway Station 05. In A Train Compartment Seeing Is Believing 06. The House At Pau 07. An Art Exhibition In Paris 08. A Memory of a Happy Moment 09. In Many Rooms In The House At Pau 10. On The Terrace 11. Outside The Bedroom 12. Up In The Pyrenees Chanson D'enfance 13. The House At Pau 14. Fairground In Paris Everybody Loves a Hero 15. George's Flat In Paris 16. First Orchestral Interlude 17. She'd Be Far Better off with You 18. Second Orchestral Interlude 19. Giulietta's Studio In Venice Stop, Wait, Please 20. A Registry Office 21. A Military Camp In Malaya 01. Orchestral Introduciton To Act Two 02. A Theatre In Paris 03. Leading Lady 04. At The Stage Door 05. George's House At Pau 06. Other Pleasures 07. A Cafe In Venice 08. There Is More to Love 09. The Garden At Pau 10. Mermaid Song 11. Countryside Around The House, The (Third Orchestral Interlude) 12. The Garden At Pau 13. On The Terrace 14. The First Man You Remember 15. In The Vineyard At Pau 16. Up In The Pyrenees 17. George's Study At Pau 18. A Circus In Paris Journey of a Lifetime 19. Outside The Circus Falling 20. Jenny's Bedroom In Paris 21. The Vineyards At Pau Hand Me the Wine and the Dice 22. A Hay Loft 23. On The Terrace 24. Anything but Lonely