Bashville (1983)

Musicales | 92 Min


Datos Generales

Tracks: 1. Prelude – Orchestra2. Fancy Free – Christina Collier.3. 8 9 10 – Donald Pelmear and Peter Woodward.4. Lydia – Peter Woodward5. One Pair of Hands – Chorus.6. A Gentlemans True to His Code – Peter Woodward and Men.7. Because I Love Her – Douglas Hodge.8. Take the Road to the Ring – Company.9. Entracte – Orchestra10. Hymn to Law and Order – Company.11. Blackmans Burden – Ewart James Walters12. One Pair of Hands Reprise – Vincenzo Nicoli13. Fancy Free Reprise – Christina Collier14. Lydia Reprise -Peter Woodward and Christina Collier15. He Is My Son – Joan Davis and Peter Woodward.16. Bashville – Company.17. Boats Are Burned -Peter Woodward, Christina Collier, Joan Davis and James Cairncross.18. Bashville Finale – Company