Brooklyn, the Musical (2004)

Musicales | 92 Min

Datos Generales

01. A Good Crowd Goin… 02. Heart Behind These Hands 03. Thank You, Sir 04. Scene One 05. Christmas Makes Me Cry 06. Not A Sound 07. Brooklyn Grew Up 08. Creating Once Upon A Time 09. Once Upon A Time 10. A Witness to History 11. Superlover 12. The Challenge 13. Brooklyn In The Blood 14. Brooklyn Grew Up (Reprise) 15. Magic Man 16. Once Upon A Time (Reprise) 17. Love Was A Song 18. I Never Knew His Name 19. The Truth 20. Does Anybody Wanna Buy A Memory? 21. Raven 22. Sometimes 23. Madison Square Garden 24. Love Me Where I Live 25. Love Fell Like Rain 26. Magic Man (Reprise) 27. Streetsinger 28. Once Upon A Time (Reprise) 29. Heart Behind These Hands (Reprise)Producción: Producers Four (Benjamin Mordecai, Robert G. Bartner, Brian Brolly, Michael A. Jenkins), Jeff Calhoun, John McDaniel, Leiter/Levine, Scott Prisand y Gutterman Productions.Iluminación: Michael GilliamEscenografía: Ray KlausenVestuario: Tobin OstSonido: Jonathan Deans y Peter HylenskiPlymouth Theatre:(10/21/2004-5/8/2005)Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre. (5/9/2005-6/26/2005)